Hot Topic’s remote store location project at Toys R Us in Times Square

Acumen Consultants provided the 3rd party merchandising services through their warehouse affiliations with Argix:


"Special recognition should go to Pat Aube for her help and support. Without her coordination of the Hot Topic requests for help; the accomplishments would have never been executed to 100% accuracy and on time.


Many thanks for Transport Team/Argix’s help and support. Your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. You got the work done and the product to the floor on time and in great condition."


Terry Venz - Hot Topic



It has been a pleasure. I hope we can work together in the future.

Bill O"Keefe -Toys R Us.

Times Square, NYC, NY



And may I add my" Thanks" too!
I thank each of you for helping us through the " learning curve" on this joint venture!


Jill Lipsman, Northeast Regional Manager, Hot Topic